Tuesday, June 5

2nd day at work

I'm gonna get fat.

As simple as that. There's going to be a mighty lot of eating and tasting going on with my new role. Luckily I'm not focusing on biscuits but still, it's many extra kilojoules I'd rather not be intaking. Everyone has been saying how they've gained weight and have joined the gym. Golly I've only just started and I'm already concerned for my health. Maybe even paranoid. Hopefully enough to get proactive and do exercise.

Today we were tasting juice which tastes a bit gross after a while and prepared up some cheese. Golly. That was a lot a cheese, we'll probably trying them soon. Oh dear. It's only the beginning.
Otherwise it's ok. Lots of walking back and forth from one building to the other. Mmm walking, perhaps not in heels though.
*sigh* 3 days till the weekend....but yes I am thankful I have a job. So torn.


Saby said...

Your job sounds sweet!
All I get is the odd Tim Tam :(

chocolatesuze said...

cheese? CHEESE!? im so jealous!

amie said...

PROCESSED cheese though. Kilos of it! And that salty crispy bacon and egg muffin....oh, that sat in my tummy for a quite a while. Oh the torture :P

chocolatesuze said...

hehe ill eat any form of cheese except blue... lol u know who to call to help you eat!