Thursday, June 14

City Extra

Ahhh, finally a rest. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are always so full on. Then it's Friday! So that means that the weekend is drawing near!
Despite it still feeling a little bit full on for me, there are good points to my work.

Like taking home olives stuffed with sundried tomatoes, a whole 2 kilos of it!
Like having Ainsley Harriott visit our building. Though I only saw him from a distance as I passed by cos I had been busy helping cook up 2 stirfrys and 2 other dishes for testing/lunch. My, the back of his head is shiny.
Like spending an hour testing hair assessories in my hair.

Lots of good stuff.

Earlier in the week some of us went to the Art Gallery of NSW. No we did not steal the painting, that one was of little interest to me. There's some other fantastic work that I appreciate much more :P This was followed up with a 3pm lunch at City Extra. How unappealling does this look?
Toasted panini - Satay chicken with mushroom

As usually I was disappointed. But ~20mins later as I got through half of it, I realised that I probably made a good choice. I was full and it was nice, I could really taste the peanuttyness. Still not worth $11.20 though (public holiday charge included).

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