Saturday, June 9

Audz 23rd


Happy Birthday Audrey :) I'm glad you enjoyed your surprise dinner.
Sahara in Parra, opposite the train and bus station.
(something) shish. Diced lamb skewers with rice, bread and vegies. Mmmm lamby goodness without the overpowering lamb flavour. I couldnt finish 3 pieces so I doggy-bagged it, and actually gave it to our dog. I couldnt bear to see quality cuts wasted.

Apple tea. How cool is the glass and saucer? Love it, very funky. The tea tasted a bit like warm apple juice without being too strong in appleness. Enjoyed this as well. I'd go again

First week of work, done. It felt sooo long. Thank goodness for weekends.
It ended well, I got to bake! Finally! I tested a cupcake recipe which came out light and sweet, as intended. Lovely. While I was doing that other people taste tested various prawns. I know what I'd prefer (cupcakes). Overall, I think I can manage this job, for now anyway :)

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