Thursday, May 24

[thing] of the moment

Book of the moment: "What food is that? And how healthy is it? - Jo Rogers

I've been wanting a food reference book for a while now and it seemed like most were pretty expensive or not of much interest. But for $30 from Angus and Robertson, with all the pretty pictures, nutritional info and preping info, I thought this was pretty good.

I've had cheesecake on my mind lately and read elsewhere that cottage cheese or ricotta cheese made good low-fat substitutes to cream cheese. But what was the difference between the two? And now I know. Sort of. Cottage from curd, ricotta from whey...I guess that would affect the taste and texture. Anyway it's fun comparing the different foods, I think.

I was looking for a link to the book but couldnt find one. Instead I found that the author is actually quite a reliable source of info, and that they "introduced the concept of the Healthy Diet Pyramid" (more).

Word of the moment: "Hankering"
def: a yearning for something or to do something (Wordnet)
eg. "I have a hankering for a sweet glutinous asian treat." (I didnt end up getting anything though)

Food of the moment: Chunky vege soup and BBQ pork buns
Both currently sitting happily in my belly, warming me up all over on these cold cold days.

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