Tuesday, May 22

Dad's bday - elsewhere

People get to an age where it's really hard to think of a gift for them. So the day comes and you turn up empty-handed. To make up for this we thought that we might as well take Dad out to a Chinese restaurant that WASNT the usual Parra one.

Instead we went to Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant, in Eastwood. Note, it is on the mall-side of Rowe St; we found out the longer walk-up-an-appetite way. Another contrast between the 2 split sections of the street is the busyness. We entered the restaurant, then to join the line of other hungry people awaiting a table. It's a tiny restaurant and was so packed. Luckily a booking had been made earlier and we were seated quickly, to the mobs jealousy.

So, food. Mum and Dad did the ordering so I have no idea what these are. (Observe the tablecloth get dirter as the dishes come!)

Mmm fat noodlesPrawn with vegesCrispy noodles with chicken and vege. I love how the noodles get soggy, but like Weetbix, you have to time the moisture right to get the desired sogginess. Pity about the chicken though, so much tenderiser it was almost indistinguishable.Bean curd and veges. Mm smoothPeking duck. There's meat under those layers of skin and fat...somewhereMaking the wrap. Golly, I was chewing on a bit but the more I chewed, the more the fat juices squeezed out. I just couldnt do it and had to unattractively disposed of the fat chunk in a nearby napkin.San choy bauFried beef stripes in a sweet sauce. mMMm. So sweet, you definitely need rice to clean your mouth out. Also a bit of a work out on the jaws but it's worth it.

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chocolatesuze said...

heh mmmm fat chunk hey? aw what i wouldnt give to eat that fat chunk...