Thursday, April 26

RIP Asparagus

This is the tragic tale of The Asparagus.

(Yes I wrote on the paper tablecloth)

From the happy plantling times of growing in a field, to being delivered to the kitchen of Trellini's restuarant in the Piazza at Castle Hill, the Asparagus had not a care in the world. Being cooked didnt faze it and helped it reach its peak, in terms of eating appeal. As it was dished up it remained firm, it wasn't molested with sauces or oil, it was just kept simple, paired with another equally happy asparagusian.

The latter asparagus made it to the heavenly lands of my digestive tract without a fuss. The other, unfortunately did not come to the same fate. I had been so pleased with Asparagus that I had to have a photo with it, showing it my mouth. This was it's undoing, due to excessive laughter it fell out, onto the floor. It was just so sudden, I contemplated rinsing it off with the table water, but the damage was done. Alas, there was nothing for it. It was wasted. Like throwing a perfectly functional pen in mud when you have an idea for a best-selling novel.
It was the best part of my dish. I mourned for you Asparagus.
Before the fall...Vegetable lasagne with tomatoey sauce

Now why was this such a tragedy (for me)? Aside from the ~2hr wait for the dish (that I think was only PARTIALLY-a little little- our fault), the overpricedness of the dish for its size and simpleness, I found out that I dont like goats cheese which it was topped with. My bad on that point, so much for being adventurous.
Mmm Ice-cream makes it all better (Choc-dipped Strawberry flavour)

Otherwise good company. Happy Birthday Lauren. Sorry for my sleepiness.

Dinner in contrast was much better. I helped John make baked pasta. Sure I might not have cooked the side veges the best, but it's not like I'm serving it to someone at a restaurant where you'd expect things to be good!

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