Sunday, April 22

Graduation - Honours

Another year, another graduation. Hoorah...apparently. I guess I dont feel as if I worked that hard (now that it's over) and that the year seemed to drag on for so long. Either way it's over, moving to the next phase, of solid working.

The graduation was straight-forward. Hands were shaken, expensive pieces of paper were given, then onto the posing with a doll-set smile. Unfortunately half of the photos were over-exposed, I'm yet to see the other half yet.

You know when you think about it the Chancellor has a hard task. Standing on the stage he has to shake hands with hundreds of people, maintain a 5 second conversation while smiling non-stop, for a few days in a row. Now thats an effort.

And after all the formality is over with, an ideal way for graduates to recover (ie celebrate) is by dining with family for lunch. At dad's request, it was over to Tingha Palace Chinese Restaurant in Parramatta. I hadn't been to yum cha for a while now and so actually really enjoyed it for a change.

(my lazy method of displaying. Food of note: John's first time eating tripe, my fav pork buns, my fav rice noodle)

Followed by a stroll down to the asian bakery for dessert, which actually was for afternoon tea due to very full bellies.

While wandering down to the bakery, this caught my eye...
Well yeah, sure, it's like you read my mind. And the minds of the many other passer-bys that are fraught with this condition...Thaaaaank you, my bowels feel cleansed already :P

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chocolatesuze said...

oops i forgot to say congrats on the new piece of paper dude!