Friday, April 27

Happy Birthday Ronald

Hoorah for being prepared and there being no dramas. I've got Ronald's cake ready for tomorrow's celebrations in good time. Now I just have to find a travel container in the event that I have to take it on the train.

The girl of Ronald's dreams (:P)

I actually got this idea months ago when he and the others gave me my dolly varden tin for my belated birthday. I was so excited to get it. And it bakes straight forward enough, just takes a bit longer.
I'm pretty happy with this cake. Obviously it could be a little tidier but for a first attempt and working it out for myself, I'm most satisfied.

Nice coconuts!

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thuy said...

wow amie that cake look really love the lil coconuts heheh. It must have taken you ages to make? Looks like a lot of work has gone into it.