Friday, February 23

Up-chuck toppings

I clearly have too much spare time in the mornings...
Multigrain bread with peanut butter and jam, topped with bran and mixed cereals.

Its the crunch without having to toast.

On Thursday I noticed at work that large mushrooms were $4.95/kg. Thats decent for mushrooms so I bought two. Then today at work they were $1.99. Golly what a difference, so I bought two more. I've never made Stuffed mushrooms before but it seemed straight forward enough to have guess.

Mushrooms 'stuffed' with ricotta and spinach, ham, garlic, olives, breadcrumbs and tasty cheese.

It's not exactly stuffed but I guess it sounds better than Topped mushrooms.
Perhaps I'll follow a recipe next time. It's good if you like mushrooms, cos thats pretty much all I was eating. Other than that it tasted like ricotta...and olives, which did add a lovely salty burst. My breadcrumbs which were actually bread chunks actually were good the size they were, adding a crunch to the lot. Oh the fun of experimenting.

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