Monday, March 5

Loveliness day

What a Super Dooper Saturday!
A whole day of relaxing and happiness. It was grrreat.

First off we were greeted by a happy sunshine, always a good start. I strolled up to John's and helped him shop for his first ever proper tie. I think we did a good job. The sort of Tim Rogers-look worked for him as he posed with his guitar. Haha.

Later I managed to make sushi in record time (for my standards) for lunch. Oh how I love sushi. I was a bit sad though we didnt have any cucumber but we did have avocado which did help my happiness.

Then off to the planned highlight of the day, Mike and Louise's wedding! Oh weddings are such happy times. Aside from the sticky heat in church it all went straight-forward. John and Alicia did a super job singing and both looked great ;)

Afterwards, the unplanned highlight of my day, off to the beach! Golly I didnt know it'd take an ~hr to get to Dee Why beach but it was definitely worth it to end the day. And what do you do at the beach? Have fish and chips from the local corner store of course. Followed by lazing about, to ease digestion, and a stroll along the beach and dipping of feet. And dont forget the ice-cream. This is all done with wonderful company by your side of course.

In other news: After 11yrs of dreaming about it, my brother has officially moved out of home to live with friends in the city. He's still got half his junk here, but I can imagine the fight for his ex-room may soon begin.

After 6 and 2/3yrs of work, my efforts have finally paid off. I have been recognised as being the fastest checkout operator at our store...well at least for the past month. Hooray for me....not. My supervisor is supposedly starting up a new thing of rewarding the person with the fastest scanning rate each week, and I was the first. I was told that I had in fact been it for about 4 weeks in a row. And so hooray for me, I'm off to the movies with a person of choice, with my 2 free tickets. Grreat.

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