Friday, February 16

Sea snails

Does the sight of this whet your appetite?
Or how about this?
Hmm. Definitely not the first thing that I would order or put on my shopping list. Amazed by the size of these sea snails, Mum thought she'd buy them as a once-off and reminisce her younger years.

Picking the squeezy buggers out:
Their shell cap (top and bottom side of 2)
It's underbelly
The suckery bit, I think

Putting the thought of it formerly being a slimy sludgey sea sucker out of my mind, I tried some of the thick end bit with BBQ sauce. It tasted seaish, a bit like mussell but with a smoother firm texture. So I didnt mind it too much. Apparently the coiled section was sandy and I could understand why. After dissecting it, I figured the black underbelly was the digestive system as you would see in prawn guts, but more of it. It also had a thin membrane over it and it was quite interesting pulling it apart what I think were it's the organs.
Well there you go. Still definitely not something I would order, but least I've tried it.

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Ruth said...

You should have done zoology. We spent 4 hours dissecting a land snail and believe it or not they are quite fascinating. Much more interesting than an earthworm.