Thursday, February 15

Local Indian

Hoorah! We had 2 more girls come to Spy ce this week, with our group growing from 5 to 7. I hope they enjoyed it.
Afterwards I headed over to John's for dinner (cos I was free, it just coincidentally happened to be Valentines day, whatever that's suppose to be about). I had looked forward to us cooking something up, but unfortunately the fridge was empty of cookables.
I decided to be brave and try Indian, suggesting the Indo-Lankan Food Bar at Seven Hills. I pass this place all the time heading to work and wonder what it's like. It always looks quite popular.
I have no idea about any of the foods, aside from rice, so John did all the deciding, going for pretty typical type stuff. He was very descriptive when I asked him what the orange coiled food item was in the display. "That's sweets" hmm yes very descriptive, I can read too. Haha.
Green beans n other vege; butter chicken, rice

I think it's clever how people know so much about spices and flavours and making them work together. I detected the spice that I'm not keen on in the beans, but there was only a hint of it there so I actually enjoyed it. The barbequed flavour in the chicken was a very pleasant surprise. I liked it a lot. I'd be interested to try other dishes but definitely not without the guidance of friends.

And for dessert I made fruit salad with jelly and custard.
I was so excited at the thought of making it, the night before. Even scavenging for pretty glasses to serve it in. I've gotta work on my custard making skills though, I had a giant lump of glug stuck to the spoon, it was otherwise fine. Fruit desserts are great. They can be special, without being over the top. A lovely end to the evening shared with lovely company.

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