Saturday, February 10

Kobe Jones

Time for another hang out. Audz selected, and we agreed, on Kobe Jones.
I like it when restaurants provide their menu online, so then I can spare my friends from the painful long wait as I slowly decide what to order. I figured that it's a fancy place so anything I get should be pretty good, and thought I'd have a break from fish since mum have been cooking it all week. And so I got TOFU. Let's see, how nice can tofu be made?
Seared hibachi tofu

Well there you go. It was nice. It was soft and very smooth. But in the end, tofu is tofu. And 3 blocks was plenty. Funny, if it were a chunk of meat most people wouldnt think much of it. But being a meat alternative it looks like heaps to eat in one serving. I wasnt a fan of the hoisin(?) sauce smothered all over it though, like something you get from a jar somewhere. Perhaps I'm not food savvy enough, but I thought the macadamia pesto and roasted capsicum didnt do much in terms of taste.

But this was good. Very good.
Number One Special (crab salad with avocado wrapped in snapper and baked with cream sauce)

I wasnt sure about it at first, but once I broke into it and took a bite, oh golly. So tasty. And the sauce. Mmm, bit like mayo but creamier. I'm surprised you didnt end up licking the plate Nat!

Other shared appetisers:
Salmon sashimi
Volcano roll
Also adding to the dining experience: funky layout, nice toilets, good service, great view, excellent company. Tops.

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