Wednesday, February 7

Church weekend away

Last weekend seemed so long ago. Our 6:30pm congregation and youth ppl had a weekend away to somewhere nearish to north Nowra to hang out and listen to talks on 'Time for God'.
Pete did a good talk for the one I heard - I was playing with kiddies for the other, oh-so-cute - being reminded that this life is kinda short and temporary and we should spend our time wisely, as we prepare for eternity.
We had the whole conference centre to ourselves with was great, having the pool at our leisure and the view was fantastic. Ah the nice quiet no-sound of cars zooming, and not a skyscraper to be seen. Just admirably tall trees, green green grass and flowy river.


Down to ze poolSam relaxing in the arvoTypical man thoughtsTypical amie thoughtsEat me eat me. Mmm snotty"The heavens declare the glory of God, the skys proclaim the work of his hands" - Psalm 19:1

In the arvo a bunch of us went caving. It was a little scary crawling between tightish sandpapery rocks in the dark, but it was good fun. In the evening Brian took a load of us 4wd-driving which was even more fun. This time going over giant rocks. Golly we reached a spot where I thought there was no way we would get over. We hopped out of the car and Brian looked about how to navigate over it. It was like watching a movie. There were chips and drinks, we stood there all looking. *broom broom*, ad break. Brian has a look again. *broOOOom* and over he went. My goodness. Amazing what cars can do.

All in all, a lovely weekend of relaxing.


James said...

sounds awesome :) Which conf centre was it you went to?

Ruth said...

i love the moo cows :-)

amie said...

It was the Shoalhaven conference centre, the Waterslea one. Its a part of Youthworks. So pretty.

They didnt smell bad either. Btw, we had steak for lunch on Saturday. I WONDER where it came from :P

Ruth said...

Poor moo cows :-(