Tuesday, January 2

New Year's Day

*Find consciousness...Yawn...Rub eyes...Look at the time*
Oh, it's 10am. Hmm. I'm suppose to be getting picked up right now to go to Mt Annan Botanical Garden. Oops.

It was a little sprinkly and overcast but you might as well try to enjoy the beginning of the new year. The rain did hold up and there were some pretty sights to be seen.

How cute is this plant, look like mice

Heh heh, when we saw this we thought 'What funky trees! They are totally cool'...They were pipes. Still, quite artistic. Better than the dead tree that had been painted bright blue.

Yes, beware the mutant giant snail. Yuk

And our modest but sufficient lunchtime picnic spread. It was so relaxing that you could lie in the sun for many many minutes...and get disgustingly burnt. Oops again.

Happy New Year all.

Going over to John's mum's place I immediately thought, yep gotta bake something. And so we did once we got back. From the cookbook that he had got me for Christmas, I picked out the Jaffa Rings. The thing is that this book doesnt have pictures. There are good and bad points to unpictured book. It's good that you can use your imagination to make it how you like, it's bad when just cant understand the instructions and want to have an idea of how they are suggesting to do it. Oh well. No 'ring' to the Jaffa Ring then. The dough was too crumbly anyway. No dipping into chocolate either.

Not the best tasting biscuit I'd say. Very dry. Still edible, but dont think I'd make it again any time soon.

Specially decorated ones.


chocolatesuze said...

dude happy new year! those snails arent real are they...

amie said...

Imagine the frypan for that escargot. Mm Mmm. Haha. Nah, wooden, even then they were still gross.