Wednesday, December 27

Rose Bay

It was good to finally see Saby's place at Rose Bay...6 months later. After failing to catch a packed bus to Watson's Bay we resorted to eating at the local Cafe Bondi (not at Bondi, but on New South Head Rd).

Toasted turkish bread w/tuna, salad, boccocini cheese

I thought it was slightly unusual that they served it on a stainless steel plate. But I guess it was just a sandwich. A mighty big one at that. It was the cheese that grabbed my attention to choose this, it didnt really end up having that much of a taste. It was nice enough though, when not falling out everywhere.

Karina's well-done steak as requested, on the slightly burnt side - not requested. She was advised by one of the waiters that "for future reference to not order her meat well-done" Humph. She had been fore-warned that it would take longer to cook but that added to the uncomfortableness of the atmosphere. As usual I didnt take much notice of it, but everyone else were not impressed with the overall experience. Rose Bay definitely has a different feel to it, different demographic.

Some organic fruit and vege store. I got excited seeing the baskets 'full' of fruit. How cool does it look.

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