Tuesday, January 16

Birthday day

And so Wednesday was my actual birthday. The lovely Suze was so kind and took the day off just to spend it with me. Gosh I feel special. Knowing me I probably I would have spent it moping about bored at home.

We (and her family) had lunch at Cafe Mix at the Shangri-La Hotel in the city. When Suze told me we were going there I was sooooooo excited cos I had (and so had she obviously) read about it from Grab Your Fork and the food had looked sooooo good. It certainly was going to be a good day.

Better photos can be found on either of those two sites.

That's one giant family of crabs and sea creature. Hmm.


Plate 1. Yes I know it's sparse, it was just a starter. With this being my second eating of oyster I think I can safely say that I'm not a fan of the sea snot.

Plate 2. Again doesnt seem like much but the carbs really filled me up. I was so excited to see the sushi and pork bun, I was bouncing about in my seat, love it.

Plate 3. Sushi in a CONE! MMmmm. Tried the polenta thing. Nice.

Plate 4. Dessert!!! What more needs to be said...Mind you I didnt eat everything on my plate. For the taste they provided, some calories were not worthy of entiring my body.

Plate 5. Dessert!!! It was fun pretending to sneeze out the jelly at the bottom of the shot glass then eat it.

Plate 6. Dessert!!! The rockmelon and honeydew gelato were definitely refreshing. It was fun pretending to sneeze out the champagne jelly then eat it.

Note the proportion of mains to dessert....heh heh. I was so stuffed at the end of this. Even slowly waddling around the city afterwards was a struggle. For dinner a few forkfuls of rice was more than enough. I managed to work off a bit by playing with kids at bible study that evening. It was all well worth it.


Filling in the busyness blanks, I spent all Thursday baking goodies to go into lolly bags, which were in actual fact strawberry cartons filled with goodies. Unfortunately rushing to get them tied up pretty on Saturday morning meant that I forgot to take pics. But there's an idea for you. Instead of just lollies and random plastic toy things, I gave dried fruit, biscuits and a slice.
Lolly bags, pass-the-parcel, party hats, lucky dips...I'm such a kid. And love it.

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