Saturday, December 23


Oh so full.

Full of happiness
Full of joy
Full of excitement
Full of noodles

Yasai yaki soba

We certainly must of look like it's been 2 years since we've seen each other, as we gave giant excitable hugs upon arrival at Wagamama - Parra....It's been 2 weeks. Ah good friends and times.

- Safe travelling Audz and John, we do wanna see you back in one piece.
- Thanks SOOO much Suze, my gummy friends are happily dangling their squoodgy legs right now. Weeee.
- Merry Christmas Joke, enjoy it, fun can still be had without going afar.
- *hugs* Nat, aw you're such are super duper friend.

1 comment:

chocolatesuze said...

heh yeeep good times! glad u liked the gummies!