Wednesday, December 20


Wow. I really feel quite intimidated going to posh restaurants, even with excellent company with me. Well it was posh in my opinion, with all the white-white tableclothes, full glass window front and immaculately attired staff at Elio, Leichhardt. They just have so many questions. Questions that are simple but for an inexperienced/fussy/indecisive person all that ettiquette stuff can them feel quite awkward.

"Would you like a drink?" - I really only drink water. No wine, soft drinks or juice.
"Would you like bread?" - No thanks, I wont have room for the main
"Can I take your order?" - Oh so many options from the menu
"Would you like salad with that?" - Another snap decison to be made
"What would you like for dessert?" - As above, Q3
"Would you like tea or coffee?" - As above, Q1

It was no drama really. I'm just a bit silly.

The gnocchetti with slow-cooked RABBIT was ok....something different, not really any distinct taste. Oh Suze! I experienced the joy of cracking the creme brulee top! Just reading about it doesnt seem like much but when I did it, it certainly was exciting. Oooh so sweet and creamy too.

How funky does the business card look. I thought (although I knew unlikely) that they were stickers. Wishful thinking.
Front and back


chocolatesuze said...

hahaha its like opening a present! you crack its shiny sugar shell and mmm custardy goodness inside! lol no photos of ur food?

amie said...

It took me a VERY long while to decide whether to bring the camera, but no. I was right in front of the bar area anyway, dont think I could have done it.