Monday, December 18

Good friends

Hooray for friends that you can catch up with after many months and get along with as if you have never been apart a few days!
It was great to see my school buddies, laughing over our hot chocolates/coffees (thanks Ronald) usually at Lou, at Max Brennars - Parra.

American marshmellow chocolate (goodness, super sweet)

Then onwards to Toscani's for brunch. It has been imbedded in me to have breakfast first thing in the morning, and after the chocolate I couldnt fit a thing in. The pancakes and eggs didnt look to bad though.

It must be ugly cake week.

Standard lemon buttercake

It was my turn on supper this week for church, so I made another batch after making Annie's.

The merginues had so much potential, alas it was not to be. I used packet icing left over from elsewhere thinking that it was chocolate flavoured so then the meringues would stand out. But no. Ugly.

Many people ended up seeing (and eating) it since all 4 congregations got together to say farewell to Nathan and Mel as they go to serve at another church as youth ministers. They are both the most lovely people and will be missed. Nathan with his funny thinking faces and Mel with her genuine care and concern for other people. A wonderful couple they are, real role-models and great servants of God :)

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