Saturday, December 16

Passable bodginess

Is that ugly, or is that ugly? Or more likely, what is that?
Unethusiasm ensures poor workmanship.

On the top is my given up attempt at making it look decent. On the bottom is mum's attempt to fix it up. Made no difference to me.

It's supposedly a penguin. Again a copy from the Women's Weekly cookbook. As you can see from what it is suppose to look like in the book, it is not that at all. It took me a while to realise that I had forgotten about the mouth.
My poor sister it's her 13th birthday cake. Oh well, it's cake, it's cream, just eat it.
It is possible that the unenthusiasm is due to the 6:30 wake up call, of a reminder set on my phone that it was her birthday.
Or perhaps it was from another self-inflicted late night out. Possibly...It was worth it.

Went to the Annandale to see The Panics with Bertie Blackman and Sparkadia.
All round, the music was pretty good. Sparkadia is growing on me quite a bit, probably cos of more air play on JJJ. It was funny watching the drummer suddenly smile mouth wide open while playing. I wasnt that much keen on Bertie though, they played more heavy stuff from her new album, than I was expecting. It was clever though she made up an instrument using a BMW hub cap, added chains, and a handle to the back and played it with a drumstick. It was funny watching the drummer suddenly smile mouth wide open while playing...again (different drummer too)

Quite like The Panics. I thought I wouldnt like it as much since I hadn't heard much of their stuff, but I did. Easy to nod your head to. One of the guitarist was cute too. huh huh. I really liked the sound of the keyboard with the other instruments. Quaint intros.

On a totally different note, uni results are out............
I passed!
*phew* In fact I'm pretty psyched, I got a distinction :D I think that equates to an Honours Class 2, Dvn 1; or something.
Hoorah. That's done with. Couldnt have managed without supervisors help though, it was a mighty long slog. Dont really think I deserve it. But as I said, it's done.
Celebrating time I think.


chocolatesuze said...

congratulations dudeeee!

amie said...

Thankeee :)

James said...

yay for uni results :) very happy for you!