Sunday, November 12

Teddy for Sarah

It's ted-dday. Ted-dday! Happy birthday to a gorgeous little girl called Sarah, having her first ever birthday. She's such a cutie.
I'm glad she could recognise what it was.

Copied from the Women's Weekly kids cake book - vanilla buttercake with butter cream. Yes, all in all quite buttery but surprisingly light. Not happy with the bow tie though. Brown icing only makes brown icing. Otherwise I like.

She was also dedicated today (as opposed to baptised). I think the difference is that at a dedication the parents & god-parents (and church family) make a public commitment to raise their child up in a loving way as God instructs, so she can get to know God. Whereas at a baptism the person publicly acknowledges their trust in Jesus. So when Sarah is old enough she can make that choice herself.
I think that's it...
But I think it's great to know that all that support is there :) Hoorah, how wonderful.

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