Tuesday, November 14

Eating the house to pieces

It's that time of year again. Well it's not really but due to stores focusing on profit and the commercialisation of Christmas causing people to start panicking with over a month to go, then it is.
And gingerbread houses it is.

I made these houses for my Year 8 girls to decorate as a craft at Girls' Brigade. My goodness it takes a long to cut out the shapes when you dont have cutters. Thank goodness I only intend to do it once a year, if that. These ones dont actually have ginger in it, cos the majority of them dont like it and cos I didnt have any anyway. And it's not quite bread, so it's....houses? I still added the other spices though.

It went well. I'm glad they enjoyed and appreciated it. That's always nice. I'm impressed too, they did a pretty good job.

My rough sample house for the girls to look at

Their houses


chocolatesuze said...

tee hee so cute! im sad to say ive never made a gingerbread house before dude you should sell them!

James said...

hehehe how cool! What a tops idea :) And yeah, the girls' efforts are pretty good!!