Thursday, November 9

Non-food adventuring

Ahh. I like looking at maps after a drive. It's a bit like "Oh, I was there?"

It was another enjoyable drive around in the country as we headed to
Cooma then went back up along the coast. It was nice, passing towns that have unusual sounding names, with much picturesque landscapes to see, winding up and up the mountains, then back down again. It was funny, it's past the ACT, so on the way we kept weaving in and out of ACT and NSW. I'm in one state, now back in another.

Lovely. I like greenery. We need more rain.
Unfortunately I resorted to having a chicken and vege pie from the service station somewhere past


I was surprised to actually see veges. But then not surprised to see the 12.6g of saturated fat per serve. *sigh* It was enjoyed somewhat anyway, good thing I dont have them frequently.

Dave wasnt joking when he said the toilets of the rest area was just a hole in the ground. A more private and comfortable hole I'd say (though I'm not saying from personal experience), but yes it all just goes straight down.

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