Monday, November 20

What a way to end

HOORAH ! ! ! ! !
I'm completely done with uni. No more assessements whatsoever!
The final presentation this morning went ok I suppose. Could have been better, but that's always the way and I'm not going to dwell on it. Aside from the usual nerves that builds up, of being up the front, I actually think I dont mind doing presentations that much. Wouldnt mind working on those skills, it'd be useful in terms of educating other people. Hmm.

Anyway to celebrate my supervisors kindly took me out to lunch at the local cafe at Richmond called The Right Bite (on Windsor St). It was pretty good I thought. I couldnt get through the Continental focaccia though. Oh how I like the salami, tomatoy, mushroomy, eggplanty and more flopping out of the bread. Tops. It was quite a challenge to eat. It would have been too awkward and falling out everywhere to eat by hands, but it was oh so difficult to eat with a knife and fork. Dilemma. Also of amusement was watching Roy pour maple syrup and squeezed lemon juice over his already sauced and ice-cream plonked pancakes that had blueberries generously scattered on top. Golly.

This was not enough for me. I had to celebrate with friends! It was sooo hot today, immediate thought...ICE-CREAM. Actually I was thinking more about sorbets but they're similar enough, in that they can be found in the same place.

Rasberry and Strawberry Sorbet

I had the pleasure of Lou and John's company as we had our dessert at M..g....a... on Level 4 at Blacktown Westpoint. I couldnt read the store name due to the font being all wiggly, and apparently it's only been there since last week.
Pretty pleased with our samplings. They were soooo sweet. My raspberry and strawberry sorbet TASTED like exactly that. The lemon and lime sorbet TASTED like it had that, especially the lime. And you could see the vanilla seeds IN the vanilla ice-cream. Mmm.

Ah such good times to be had. A very happy Amie indeed. Reeelaxing time :)

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