Thursday, September 14

Killing, bits, friends

I'm a killer.

Poor Mr Basil. It's almost been a month and he does not look healthy at all. I really do have a black thumb. I have been watering him every few day. I thought that this plant would be as straight forward as putting into a pot and letting God look after it. Alas it is not as easy.

Look, even this flower can make it on it's own with no help. Guess there's no herb and vege patch for me.

Now to more edible stuff.

Mum hates it when I leave little bits of food about. I cant help it if I'm just that little bit too full, maybe I want to have it later. It will go eventually, no point forcing it.

Just like this PaddlePop ice-cream. I only wanted half, so I cut that bit off to have. Then had the other half a few days later. Prolong the enjoyment I say, well it wasnt enjoyed that much but the point was it was there when I wanted, and thats the amount I wanted. So nah.

Ah Nat and Suze, you guys are tops.
I thoroughly enjoyed my Chicken Teriyaki at Tomodachi at Parra, along with the excellent company. Mmm the sweet odours wafting up my nose and laughter filling my ears. Definately a 'would-go-back-to' place, and I dont rate many places that highly. I'd give the miso soup a miss though, although it is fun to play with as it seperates.

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