Friday, September 8

Fatcake not pancake

I was amused. A can-shaped bread? Dad got it from Blacktown somewhere, some Asian store most likely.

I was hoping that inside this can would be custard, although I knew there wasnt going to be. Sweet enough though.

I thought I'd be more excited to go to Pancakes on the Rocks at Northmead because I was finally going specifically for the pancakes this time. I wasnt. Maybe cos I knew Suze wasnt going to be there and maybe because I knew I didnt need to eat.

Hot N Troppo pancakes

Yes, that is a banana. Despite not having it some months now I surprisely wasnt fussed by it either. Hmm. I'm seeing a recurring theme.

Did they make it ok Suze? Up to standard? Haha.

To begin with I thought I could do the whole plate. By 2/3 of the first pancake I knew it was not meant to be. Maybe if I had an hr to eat them...Goodness they are fat as, about 2cm thick. Crazy. Quite dense too. Just enough ice-cream to lubricate one cake.

I think I'll go the crepes next time.

Pancake eating Pecan

My lack of interest in food led to other thoughts... This is the couchy seat across from me.

In the night light (with more shadow) it looks as if the fabric has been stabbed. Numerous times. With a fork. By a crazy pancake-deprieved customer. "Ya-ya-yaa! Take that you pretend pancake! You might be brown and dry on the outside, but you're nothing but fluff! Where's my pancakes?!?"

Perhaps it's time for less food and more sleep.


chocolatesuze said...

rofl yeah the seats are weird hey? when they first arrived i was like theres holes becos theyre gonna glue something over them riiight? pancakes look ok lol im so sick of eating everything!

James said...

lol you make me laugh

amie said...