Saturday, September 16

It's the thought that counts

What fun can you have with just an empty bottle of juice, pile of newspapers, flour and water? Lots. If you have the time.

Giant tomato saucy goodness

I was impressed by another friend's pinata at their birthday and thought it a great idea as a present for Nat's birthday. Why tomato sauce? It's quite doable and has a simple shape. Plus she works in food company. I'm almost sad to see it hacked to pieces, but hey that's what it's for.

I've got the BBQ and the sauce, you bring the cow.

And what did I wrap this newspaper-based creation in? Newspaper of course. Unless it's a wedding present, when presents reach a certain size you have to bring out the newspaper as gift wrapping papper. it's all going in the [recycle] bin anyway. I take much delight in reducing wastage. I even jazzed it up a little and placed coloured circles over it, from recycled coloured paper of course.

Thanks to Audrey another idea jumped around excitedly in my head, shouting out "Look at me! Look at me!"

It's the Healthy Eating Pyramid!

I knew that Nat was being a bit more conscious about her eating lately and thought it a super idea to encourage her with healthy eating rather than giving just lollies and chocolates and other indulgent things. Those foods are understandable as a gift because birthdays come around only once a year. But the problem is that people eat these foods EVERYday and not as a rare treat.

So off to the shops Audz and I went, following the recommendations for a woman of 19-60yrs:

- Cereals, breads etc: 4-9 serves

- Vegetables and legumes: 5 serves

- Fruit: 2 serves

- Milks, yoghurt, cheese & alternatives: 2 serves

- Meat, fish, poultry & alternatives: 1 serve

- Extras: no more than 0-2.5 serves

Water was also essential. And to top it off, while you're looking after yourself, it's also a great idea to think of the enviroment too. We placed it into an enviro bag for future vege purchases.

Aah. 'Thinking' presents make me happy. I'd love to use this as an educational tool somewhere, after making it a little bit more pretty of course.


Nat said...

I LOVE YOU AMIE!! and im very sure the enviro loves you too!! So awesome I told my work mate and they were sooo impressed. Im so glad i have a fantastic friend like you!!


amie said...

:) Glad I could be of some use in this world. Hope to continue being of further use for many many yrs to come.