Sunday, September 17


My goodness, in all my 6yrs at Woolies I've never worked so hard as I did today. So tired. For the first hour I was "tidying" in the Perishables department (cheese, yoghurt, juice etc) which I wouldnt really classify as work. But after that it was non-stop cleaning of the yoghurt shelf, all 7hrs and 45mins of it. I did have a 15mins tea break in there somewhere however. The dept manager was a little distracted and I not proactive enough about lunch. *sigh*
Doing the cleaning wasnt too bad. It was a relief to watch the water become dirtier so then I knew I was doing something (but it was also a disgust as I continued to use it). I had to lift the yoghurts and cream, place into trolley, wipe the filthy shelf and underlaying bit, then put it all tidily back and in the right place, section by section. It was the lifting that got to me. Ended up taking me 1hrs 45mins just to clean the bottom shelf. This was followed by more cleaning of the shelves above, plus it's back wall. Once again, not a happy back. Hope I didnt flash anyone, (hope there werent any creepy men about either) there was a lot of bending to reach awkward angles.
Check out the yoghurt shelves though, cleeean.
Despite staring at yoghurt all day I havent been offput by them and could go for some.

Further on with the tiredness, but of yesterday's. Sorry for being so tired-looking Nat. Hope you had a super time at dinner.

Tempura prawn and veges with udon in soup

Birthday celebrations were held at Tokio Fans in Norwest. It's kinda unusual going to a Japanese restaurant, staffed by Chinese people, and with instrumental versions of old English songs playing in the background. Even more unsual was the timing it took to bring out of dishes. It was a good thing that the half of us that did get our dish started eating, an hour later the other half of the table got theirs. An hour after that they finally got their dessert. I know we were having fun talking and catching up but sheesh. And the steel wool in the soup? Hmm.

I knew tempura meant fried, but it just didnt click. The prawn and veges were fine I guess, expect the sweet potato needed a lot longer, I'm just not a fan of frying. Noodles bit not particularly flavoursome, but I was surprised the soup wasnt too salty and actually consumable. Yay for corn.
Overall, the restaurant setup was quite nice, was in a good location and the service at least had a friendly front despite being lacking. And the dinner company, excellent again.

Happy Birthday Nat, glad you liked your present.

Beware chopsticks can be dangerous

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