Sunday, August 20

Windsor Art n Craft Markets

Thought I'd take mum out for the day, and the Windsor Arts and Craft Markets came recommended by Lou.
It was a lovely morning, sunshine all round as we walked along the mall past the various stands at historic Windsor. There was the usual beaded jewellery, knitted goods, fragrant soaps which I initially mistook as being fudge (much to my disappointment), folk art things and some foooood.
Along the mall, the stores that are normally there also appealled. Such as this one:

Seeing bags & jars of these sugary goods always remind me of Willy Wonka. Although there isnt actually any appeal for them personally, they are cool to look at.

After a long quiet sulk I got my little sister this food coloured sugar strap, and some super long 'coke bottles'.


Mmm, bread tasting. I thought it was cute how the bread just stood there.

Mmm slices, pretty.

There's something that just so natural about fruit in boxes, love it.

The strip of stalls isnt that long, but somehow (procrastination about purchases and looking through every single store) we were there for a few hours before heading off. On the way back we stopped by Mango One, a fruit n vege store along Richmond Rd, and I picked up a basil plant. Hopefully I manage to keep this one alive long enough to get some form of growth.

Oh excitement and drama. Earlier on the way there along Old Windsor Rd there was a slight traffic delay. A car was totally torched, as I drove past I could even feel the heat from the drivers side.

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Nat said...

Wow you definitely dont see that everyday.

I love sour straps!! I would do a bit of aa sulk for them as well hahha