Thursday, August 17


*sigh* uni can really get me down, and so I look for distractions.
Unlike baking (indulgences), lunch is necessary. And since I'm not a 'cooking' person, I found a suitable distraction...

penne with beans & olives in tomato mush

It's nothing special, not particularly flavoursome, but worth the little effort that it took. I was just mainly glad that the pasta wasnt overly overcooked.

I struggle with working out flavours. Just as I was about to plate it, I remembered that seasoning it would be a good idea. I'm use to baking where you can just chuck it all in at once. I considered adding balsamic vinegar cos I thought some sort of flavoring thing should be in there. Then remembered maybe I was thinking of worcestershire sauce. Hmm, it's all a guess. Also I tasted it, thinking 'This isnt quite garlic-y' Mum must have mixed the garlic and ginger into the same container, doh.

Eh, it was edible and fulfilling enough.

It's got ribs! Ribs!

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