Monday, August 21

Mr Basil

Introducing the newest member to the family....

Mr Basil!

I promise to look after you Mr Basil. I'll try to remember water you, unlike I did the rocket. And I try to check up on you to make sure you dont get mauled by ants, unlike the butter lettuce. Thanks Audrey, they were worth a try. I've learnt my lesson. I even planted him all by myself.

Another city meeting, another sweet bun shop.

Thought I'd be a bit more adventurous and try something other than my usual custard/red bean/pineapple bun. And got Chestnut puree bun from Emperor's Garden (cakes & pastries) on Dixon St.

It wasnt particularly chestnutty. I'f I had to guess what it was based on the taste, I probably would have thought it was red bean, but different. It was a lot denser than other buns. I dunno what the sweet crumbly biscuity topping was. Chestnut crumble? Oh and I got a bonus sultana in my bun. Score.


Nat said...

Haha aww city trips. i miss them.

"I got a bonus sultana in my bun. Score." made me laugh so hard.
So sweet and innocent.

I went to Cabramatta recently and found a new bun shop that was japanese. Wow are they funky and everything is given to you in a fantastic little box. Presentation was just awesome. They also now have a gloria jeans which made me sad cos i loved Cab for its originality and total "asian-ness"

amie said...

Hooray for buns. It's the little surprises that can make your day.

Actually I dont think I'm that eager to get bun again for the train trip home. This time and last time while munching away in the rocky carriage I started getting a little vomity-headachey, like you do when you read on trains. Maybe its the crowded city afternoon train smell, the ones out west are fine.