Wednesday, August 2

Tapioca, takins, tongues

*enter kitchen*
*turn "desirable food" radar on*
*beep beep beep*
What is this? Tapioca? I wonder it could be used for? Hmm.

"Best before: Dec 2005" Hmm. It's all good.
Mmm, rice cakes, think I'll put on some Vegemite.
"Best before: June 2006".
*pick up another jar*
"Best before: May 2006"
Hmm. It's all good. *apply on rice cake*

I read up on
tapioca the good ole fashion way, in an hard bound encyclopedia. They are great, the information is concise and you can always come across something random and interesting that you wouldnt expect. Such as a takin. Unfortunately you can also be greeted by a tarantula on the next page. It made me jump.
And so I set off to make
tapioca pudding. It was pretty simple. Some tapioca you have to soak beforehand apparently and I wasnt sure whether the pack that I had need to, so I did just in case. Turns out not, so they went quite mushy.

It still looks pretty cool seeing the clear spots in the mighty viscous mixture, not enough for my liking. I'd also recommend eating it warm as opposed to cold, it becomes a little too congealed. At first I thought it was way too sweet but that could have been because of my super sensitive tongue. Look at it!

Bet you thought I was exaggerating. Eating this didnt help either:

Thins Chips and Salad sandwich

Or this:

Nestle's Club-Cappuccino flavoured dark chocolate.

Despite not liking dark chocolate or coffee, this was actually nice. Neither flavours were overpowering. This package was promoting it as a "rich source of antioxidants" and that "antioxidants keep the body healthy" Any excuse to eat it. Remember people, moderation. So is ok but that doesnt mean you should eat the whole block in one sitting!


chocolatesuze said...

holy crap that IS a giant hole!
have u heard of gula malaca? its kinda like brown sugar and in malaysia we make something like what u made (unless they use sago hmmm) and then pour on the syrup mmm

thuy said...

That looks painful amie! I get them sometimes and they kill.
That dessert u made they sell at Cabramatta, and theyre quite nice but you get sick of it after a while.. hehhe

amie said...

suze- nope never heard. although I have had a sago pudding before and it seemed like pretty much the same thing too

thuy- yeah the general focus is "just keep eating, just keep eating" Seems to be a lot at Cabra that I havent seen. Must go back for those little custard cakes!