Tuesday, August 1

Chocolating 2

Current bite: Nestle's Club - Roasted almond
"Delight your senses with the splendid complement of roasted almonds coated in rich dark chocolate. Just one bite and you will agree that CLUB is the chocolate for true dark chocolate lovers."

I'm not sure about the lovers but one bite is more than enough for me. Well, one square in one sitting. I think it is a bit bitter, with its "special blend of ecuadorian and west African cocoa. I prefer sweet. It wasnt creamy either, on other chocolates you can feel it melt on your tongue, forming a sugary coat and generating a flood of saliva, but this was more crisp (?) just like your eatting a solid chunk. Probably a typical dark chocolate property *shrug* The only reason my saliva pores were working overtime was because of the giant hole on my tongue that keeps rubbing against my teeth. It's like I've been stabbed, annoying ulcers. Nevertheless, I proceed on with the eating.
Unlike the Dove this had a good proportion of nuts to chocolate. This could also have been due to my taste preferences

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