Friday, August 4

stomach pains

I must say that Pancakes on the Rocks (at the Rocks) certainly is popular, even at 10pm on a Thursday night. After giving our stomach muscles a workout earlier, watching the comedians the Umbilical Brothers at the Sydney Theatre we went in search for ice-cream. Despite pancake longings, my brother, sister and I decided to give it miss after seeing the line-up and headed further down to Royal Copenhagen. Mmm Cookies and Cream. Good stuff.

The boys were so funny. The show was a little slow to begin with, it was "The Rehersal"after all, but my lack of interest in crude humour added to this. It was cleverly planned actually and came together so well, emphasizing how improvisations really are what they do oh-so well.
At one point I was laughing so hard my stomach was hurting, but they kept the joke going, so I had to keep laughing/hurting. Oh the bittersweet pain. I'd recommend them if you get a chance. They're on till the 13th August.


chocolatesuze said...

ohhhh i wanted to go!!! hey dude dya like bic runga? shes playing at the basement but i cant find anyone to go!

amie said...

You also wont be able to find any tickets either unfortunately! They're all sold out for each night. I saw it earlier and WAS interested.