Saturday, August 26

Planet #328

*kshh* "Hello Houston? Spaceman Sam reporting. Over" *kshh*

"This is Houston. Go ahead Sam" *kshh*

"Planet #328, AKA Spongopia, appears to be uninhabited. System indicates air is safe for Legoman and contains traces of cocao." *bounces on the spot* "Ground appears firm yet soft, rather like jumping on a mattress, quite fun I must say, I remember doing this when I was a little boy and ...*cough* ...and a scan of the terrain indicates it is extremely unlevel. Over" *kshh*

"What has been identified from collected samples?" *kshh*

"Samples are currently being taken and... *munch munch*... components identified are sucrose and *munch* cocao. Recommendations are that further explorations and sampling needs to be done. I shall collect further samples while I'm here and head back to the ship. Over."

"Good work Sam. Over and out" *kshh*

(Results from [mum] baking chocolate sponge cake in an convection oven. Least thats what it's called on the box, looks like a giant glass cooking pot to me)


chocolatesuze said...

BWHAHAHAHHAHAHA dudeeeee i love the lego guys!

amie said...

Yeah, I went on a complete search party to find them. I'm so gonna make their little cars/planes/trucks.