Tuesday, August 29


Mmm shocolate. I dont need no biscuits or nut or nougats or caramels or jubes or any other junk with it. Just give it to me straight...But without being too plain.
Triple Decker is the perfect chocolate for me. I get the solid chocolateness and the fun of biting off each pink, white and milk layer.
Unlike Milky Ways and Time outs etc where I also had to [semi-]reluctantly finish off the whip/wafer, this is pure choccy. Almost. Apparently the strongly coloured pink stuff is "raspberry flavoured confectionary". And some people might get a bit technical about white chocolate not being chocolate. It all still works for me. The Three Wishes version with dark, milk and white chocolate layers ensures equal enjoyment galore.

After looking at the nutritional panel I thought I'd have self-control and limit it to one square a day (weee, thats a week's worth sorted). But I still had chocolate longings, so I turned to Nutella on bread. This was mightly enjoyed, as noted by my thoughts repeating: "nutella-ha-ha-haaa. NutellAH-HA-HAAa" I enjoyed so much that really really wanted more. To add variety, and solve my indecision I had this:

Jam & cream, Margarine & jam, and my NutellaAAa.

Mmm creammm.


James said...

I am a fan of the Triple Decker... but I very much enjoyed the Mint choc edition of the triple decker. Oh that was lovely.

amie said...

I wonder who ever thought to add mint to chocolate? Hmm. Nice indeed.