Sunday, August 13

More beautifulness

Oh, so beautiful.
Another wonderful wedding for a such a sweet couple and on a most fantastic day.

Congratulations to Chris and Alicia. Both looked just sooo happy. Awww.

Alicia's parents were kind to have people over at their place for the reception. Lots of talking, eating and laughter going on.

You know it's good going to be good when you enter and are confronted with this:It's a fruit tree! I thought was the most clever thing ever. How great would it be to have a forest of these!

Looking next to it, the aweing continues.No one can go past a chocolate fountain. I think at least 80% of guests dripped chocolate onto their outfits or hands from this. Fantastic, just the right occasion for it.
And the superbly presented, and tasty, seafood platter.

Chunks of cheeeese. Chris had mentioned a cheese platter on the Sunday before and my sis was waiting for this the whole night. What delicious chunks.And the most important food item, in my view.
How fantastic does the wedding cake look? Chris' mum went to so much effort, and it shows. All that detail with the lattice. On the second tier there was also 2 tiny white doves with wedding rings. It must have taken so long to make. Each tier was a different flavour as well, with chocolate, caramel and fruit which is good for people with different tastes. The chocolate one that I had even had a sort of sweet chocolate filling.

Ahh, more Happy Days.

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Nat said...

Wow thats so impressive!!