Thursday, August 31

Cake, Chinese, Cool tunes

Lemons to use, study to avoid. Cake it was.

Upside down Lemon Teacake

From the mountain of a cake on Sunday to a pancake flat cake on Wednesday. It was surprisingly light though, as usual I was a bit worried with the batter. May try it again. The lemons were actually from a failed attempt at candied lemons for a different cake. I havent quite mastered toffee, but this worked out well enough. Alas you missed out Nat.

We're all too busy on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day this Sunday so we thought we'd take dad out on Thursday. As usual, a non-event, just like the food. I suppose there wasnt too much to expect considering G & L cafe at Blacktown only had one other customer in the time we were there. On the plus side it only ended up coming to less than $10 pp. Meh.

Combination seafood

Poor sad veges, just plonked onto the plate

Sweet pork something with pineapple pieces

Chicken...on a bed of lettuce

Music random: Went and saw The Audreys on Tuesday at Sydney Uni, by myself, at lunch...what a loner. Haha. They were good, nice singing. Quite a country feel to their songs. What was definately cool though was all the instruments they had with them. You cant go wrong with a banjo, double bass, violin, ukelele and a funky instrument that looked like a keyboard you blow into (which I learnt was called a melodica). Nice. Very nice.

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