Saturday, July 8

unhappy ears

As I sit here typing, awaiting the chocolate cake to digest down along with its companion Mr Oh-so-creamy vanilla ice-cream, I hear an ongoing ringing in the background. No it's not my phone, that rarely rings and when it does it's just work. It's the after effects of standing too close to the stage at a gig. Great view though.
I saw Gerling tonight at The Fitzroy at Windsor. The band itself was good, the crowd was pretty into it, I guess it's just not really my kinda music. It doesn't help when you don't really know the songs or even what they are yelling out. I had heard of some of their stuff and I was generally able to nod my head about to most of it, so that was a positive.

I quite like their support though. Can't remember their name, something beginning with an S and ending in an A. Lou would know. But they were good. Not that that helps anyone. Pity no one was really into at that stage, just the 4 of us standing on the edge of the dance floor, dancing in our minds (or just me), one random and two other chicks. Chicks dancing while holding a glass of beer is not too attractive I must say.
Still a good night either way.

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