Saturday, July 8

Big Saturday

It's seems like its been a while since I've had a whole Saturday free so I thought I might as well make the most of it. There are quite a few exciting events happening, local and in the city. It's worth checking out, Mix 106.5 is pretty good for a general overview.

Today I decided to take mum and my sis out to the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers & Growers Food Market at Castle Hill. I was quite excited. I've read plenty of good things about these type of markets on Grab your fork who has great pics everytime, and now was an opportune time to check it out.
It wasn't as big as I was expecting it to be, but it was still decent sized, with much food and plant stuffs. And ooh the morning light, it's great. People come quite prepared with enviro (yay) bags and insulated bags. They must be regulars, it must be good.
I came across a basket of tamerillos. A whole basket of them! I've only see the few on our shelves at work so it was like wow. No idea what it tastes like though, apparently tart. But check oout what it looks like inside:

What does this make you think of? Ok so it's not that clear, but it reminded me of boogers. *atishoo* it was all sqooshy looking and yellow and... moving on.

Pretty poppies.

A cupcake stand! I havent actually seen these sold anywhere but their cool. I've seen plenty of iced cupcakes on blogs but actually seeing them, I was even more impressed. Soo pretty and so heavily iced, all that sugar, so thick and able to stand the heat!

There's something about slashed bread that I like. It's just so abused and rustic looking. Love it. I can just visualise the bread rising as it proofed. No uniformity here.

One of my purchases. A blueberry something. I was a bit impulsive. For how much it was ($4.50, goodness!) I didn't really like it. The filling seemed like over cooked custard. As I bit into it, I could feel some water coming out and it had a spongey texture. But it looked so good! A better choice was my passionfruit butter. ($8) Ooh I quite looking forward to it. It'll be most lovely with pancakes.

Overall I liked the markets, a little (very) on the expensive side but definately worth checking out. And it's pretty cool knowing that the people selling the stuff are the ones making/producing it. Hooray for local businesses.

The plan was to head home and drop off some goods then go to Myer. As per usual my sense of direction altered things. I went the wrong complete opposite way that I was meant to go. But it was no drama as we were happily greeted with the sign "Parklea Markets" Well we hadn't been there in a quite a while so another market it was!

It hasn't changed much. Still got the stalls with mountains of lollies and nuts.

I get so frustrated though when I'm in a big a store. I need to be able to go through to each aisle systematically to ensure I dont miss a thing. I almost missed the fruit and vegies, I was wondering where they were. I was somewhat surprised, produce was quite good quality.

Quality is not what I'm look at when I see this though:

The squids' goggly eyes kept staring at me. And it was all floppy and slimy. Eeergh. I was so grossed out that I couldnt even pick it up with the tongs. My sis had no problems with it.

Something more platable. Giant Slab of Foccacia! It was huuuuge. And only $2.50. It's a winner.

It was a good day.

One more thing. I couldn't resist. Here's some bread from the Hawkesbury market, or 'boulders' as I like to call them.


jenjen said...

You must tell me what the name is for the cupcake stall at the markets. I am simply obsessed with cupcakes and am always interested in any new or unheard of cupcakes makers in sydney. Thanks

amie said...

I didnt take much notice of the name. According to the menu there, I think it's Cupcake Girl. But I couldn't find anything more when I googled it. Sorry!