Wednesday, July 5

Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel

Our bible study group was having a break this week, and decided to go have beer. BRILLIANT! As Waldo would say. (It was a tad unusual to me too at first)
We met up at The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel at the Rocks. It's in a great location, as you pass the quaint old style (terrace?) houses and before you enter the brewery, just down the road you're on the water. Lovely. Seeing $++ apartments and $++ boats. It was cosy inside as well, good brick work. Quite a nice atmosphere, for a pub.
But it's not about the view, is it boys?

600L vats and [somewhat] consumables

As Sandy would agree with me in saying, "Yeah, they're all just beer". I must admit that I think I could detect the chocolateliness in Nelson's Blood (first pint pictured) Oo colourful.

And to the more important bit,

Beef pie with mushy peas, mash and gravy.

It's a pub. How could I pass a beef pie ($11). Although the rest of the menu did appeal too. The avocado and salmon salad look fantastic as did the salami pizza. So many decisions, argh.
It was pretty good. I hadn't had mushy peas before despite hearing how common it is. It tasted like it sounded, peas mooshed up. For some unknown reason I had imagined that the beef would be chunky inside, and so as I ate I kept wondering where the meat was. It was there, a bit like stewed meat, all tender. And you know stewed meat gets some loving to get cooked the way it is. One thing I wasnt so keen on though, was that it was a tad to peppery. Not to the point of being on fire but it's presence was made known.

Onwards we went. After a pretty scenic walk, viewing and re-appreciating our local Sydney icons - a bridge, house and harbour, seeing the Copenhagen ice-cream shop was like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The rainbow is nice, but it gets better at the end. So many flavours, more decisions.


I settled on the Royal Copenhagen - honeycomb with caramel ($4.50). Ooooh so soft. So smooth. So creamy. And with a crispy hard waffle cone to encase it all. Mmmm. Good fat aye.

And what is one to do with the cardboard exterior? If you cant eat it, put in on your nose of course. Well Brian would think so.

Oh another exciting point. I was disappointed that I didnt re-visit the Ladies room at the brewery. I would have been able to show you a super picture of a stainless steel toilet. Stainless steel! Now that makes it worth going to for.

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