Saturday, July 8

Small Sunday

I eventually did end up getting to Blacktown yesterday, but not quite Myer. We headed over to the Asian supermarket instead to pick up bits and pieces. So excited. We got 500 tiny patty pans for $5.10. Five hundred!! Cheering. I dont have any need for them at the moment, I've been going through a baking drought, very sad. Uni can get you so down sometimes (not as bad and sad as droughts the farmers go through. Have to be realistic). But you never know, something will pop up. Plus they are soo cute.

We went over to Myer today instead. I got a 6 piece Asian-style set for 7 bucks. Woohoo. And Little Birdy's album for 10 bucks. Double woohoo. There wasnt really anything else that particular stuck out. I think a trip to Parra's Myer is called for to see what they have in their range.

I've been into little things lately. I tried to organise a "Little dinner" for my uni friends which entailed everyone bringing a dish of a 'little' something to share. Alas it was not meant to be.
I had plans too, of some sort. Here's what you missed out on people.

Teeny weeny hot dogs (dinner roll & frankfurt)

Chocolate cake with cream

Sure it's not much. But that's the idea.

Next on the shopping list: a white square plate.

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chocolatesuze said...

aww dude i was soooo coming!