Tuesday, July 11

I heart passionfruit butter

I love watching my babies grow. Cupcakes that is. I was so excited watching them rise in a mattter of minutes. Very excited.

Citrus poppy seed muffins (minus poppy seeds and lime rind)

Pity they tasted a little doughy and didnt have much of a citrus taste. I suppose there is a difference between adding 1 tsp of zest to 6 tsps. Soft and light though, with crisp crust. Cream will save the day. Along with my passionfruit butter. Yep, I'll butterfly them up.

I spent half the day at uni on Monday. Of which I spent half of that time thinking about how I could best use my butter. I came up with crepes.

It was pretty easy to make, just took a while to cook, like 40 MINUTES just for 13 crepes. goodness me. But then again I was neglecting it a little. I got the batter recipe from the ninemsn cos it said it only needed to rest for 30min, as opposed to 2 hrs in others!

I added pear as a filling but it didn't make much of an impact, bit of crunch. As expected my butter shone through.

I think I prefer pancakes.

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