Monday, July 24

Much in stomachs

5 reasons why Freddo looks stunned:

1. He was bashed about inside a pinata
2. He lost a leg in the battle
3. He has never played cricket, contrary to what is pictured
4. He's trying to remember what his name is
5. He is about to be devoured

He's now residing happily in my stomach, stunned no more.

I went to Crystal Seafood Restaurant for yum cha on the new upper level of Westpoint in Blacktown on Friday with Lauren. I was surprised, it was ok.
It was quiet when we got there round 11:45am, and you know what happens when its quiet. It's like a sushi train, on legs. You get the same waiter going round in circles with a trolley of dishes that changes periodically.

There was the usual Chinese dishes. We got my favourite pork buns and rice noodle roll with BBQ pork. Hmm it's not that I'm that much of a fan of pork, just the bread and sweet sauce of the former and the noodle of the latter. Loz choose the roll with prawns. We also got Chinese broccoli that was quite undercooked. Gyoza type thing, dim sims. I was considering the egg tart but instead tried something different and got mango pudding cos Lauren really wanted condensed milk. Unfortunately she was cheated, it was evaporated milk. Haha, poor thing.
All up it came to $42.30. I haven't had yum cha in a while but I think thats a lot. It is, isn't it? Hmm. I certainly was stuffed though, it was a lot for me. Goodness, it took me about 6hrs to digest all of lunch. The tea didnt quite do its work.
Did you know that one teapot serves 10 cups? We did our traditional (2nd time actually) finishing off the pot; looking in fascination as the colour became darker as we poured and bearing through the final bitterness. Luckily the toilets were accessible nearby, unlike last time. Harrha, good times.

Total cookie count: 14

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