Friday, July 14

more mini's

I made my way over to Myer in Parra and picked up more stuff that I dont need. Unfortunately still no rectangular platter. But I did spot some quaint side plates by alex liddy and 2 other ones by Country Road, $2 each.
I felt bad. There were 2 sap green plates and 2 teal plates, but I only wanted one of each. I'm sure there's someone out there that doesnt mind having only one plate too. Those poor lonely plates, but I just didnt need them. I somehow managed to hold myself back from getting a glass cake stand too, very difficult it was.

Smoked salmon with black olives on avocado

Look at the plate! I like it. Pastel colours work for me.

Also the salmon was quite strong on its own as was the olive, put them together and PING, they balance out. If the bread looks funny, it's because its the same left over dinner rolls from the hot dogs. Slice and toast, super.

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chocolatesuze said...

mmm salmon nummy nummy you should toast the bread with a bit of olive oil! nummynummynummy