Friday, June 16

Pancake dance

"mmm pancakes. p-p-p-pancakes" *shake hands to the left*, *shake hands to the right* "mmm pancakes".

As you can see I was excited to go to Pancakes on the Rocks...but not at the Rocks. ie. Northmead. I was surprised, it's actually not that far from my place. And after all the excitement and build up, I didnt get pancakes. As much as I love sweets and was desperate for pancakes, it was dinner time, not dessert time and thought it more sensible to get something heartier. So I got the next closest thing, crepes.

Not much to look at, but tastes good

The Thai Chicken as recommended by the well-knowledged Suze was actually good. I liked it. I'm not normally a big fan of savoury crepes, but I guess the crepes presence was overtaken by the chicken. The spice that I'm not too keen on was suspected to be tumeric. I'm not sure. I really will have to try other tumeric flavoured dishes to see if I dont like it. That doesn't make sense but I would like to identify it. At least it wasn't overpowering in the crepes, standable.

Note for next time, do not eat the dried/fried (?) ginger that comes as garnish (?). It is spicy! And powerful stuff! It'd be handy if you were going into a funny faces competition though. Or if you wanted to shoot a puff of ginger breath at someone. Erghhh.

There was something missing from the dish though. It lacked the love and care that would be in a dish if someone were making it specifically for someone else. But I think I much prefered your company Suze, than a dish made by you.
I shall however HAVE to make a return visit, afterall it is PANCAKES on the Rocks. Join me people!

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