Tuesday, June 13

caramelly curliness

I'm so cheap.

"Groceries, a price check on a Cadbury Curly Wurly to Register 4. Groceries"

mmm chocolate

The week beforehand: $0.53
The week of purchase: $0.58
The week afterwards: $0. 49

That'd be right. And after all the anticipation of eating it (a month after purchase), I was yet again disappointed. I had thought it was going to be a winner.
Too much super sweet caramel and not enough chocolate. A bit like the Fantale I had recently, least I could bite the chocolate off that. Something else that's missing, is the jokes that use to be printed on the wrapping. Sure they were corny but it just added to the experience. Maybe they got employed as a fortune cookie writer.

I wouldn't mind seeing the machine for this either.

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