Sunday, June 18

more fun than B Who

What a super weekend with super company. It was full of much learning and laughs. Our bible study group went away to Anna Bay (somewhere north, in the Port Stephens area) just to hang out. It was great, not thinking about uni work, sitting around, with the sounds of a guitar, singing and a bucket drum. I could get use to that.

Surprisingly I wasn't too put off by the sight of fat sausages with the kilo of bacon with the bacon-fat greased tomatoes with the bacon-fat greased bread happily cooking on the barbeque for breakfast. Quite enjoyed it actually. I had egg in bread for the first time, which I had coincidentally read about a only few days ago. I like it. Brian obviously is a BBQ pro.

Luckily it cleared up during the day and we went driving along the beach, and over the beach. This was in a 4wd...and a 2wd. I dont know much about cars but I could definately see that some cars are not meant to go on the beach for a reason. It got stuck in the sand so many times, and a "little" damaged. But it was so much fun bumping and flying about over hills. That was a first for me too.

Yes, the water was mighty close, and Sarah sleeping!

I think I must be getting use to eating Chinese food, at restaurants that is. And I think I'm starting to like them, despite its genericness. I'd still never choose to eat at one. Dinner was at Oceanic Chinese Restaurant at Salamander Bay. Was pleasant, I still cant tell the differences between meats.

Combination this, honey that, and mixed veges.

Also I tried fried ice-cream for the first time. It was a little different to what I was expecting. When I thought fried, I thought hot, and so visualised a hot crispy golden blob or square with melted creamy goodness, and waiters quickly rushing it to your table to make sure it didnt get too soggy.

How wrong was I. It definately had a distinct fried taste which I wasnt too keen on. mm oily goodness. The ice-cream was good though.

Jo and I found a chocolate store while the others were looking at boats on Sunday. Least these are affordable. Mmm chocolate.

How cute are they?

During lunch there was a battle in my head between the burger and the fish & chips. The chips won when I spied that there was a kids size. It's probably been some years since I've had it and it was the right day for deep-fried goodness. Even that was a little hefty to get through, but I enjoyed it.

Dilemma: "No" says the brain. "Yes" says the mouth.

Once again I was reminded that I dont like beer, of which there was lots of. (for my standards anyway) I do however like talking toilets, also of which there was lots of. Much "laying of cables" and "dropping off kids". Sheesh, when people say it's good to keep regular, my friends have certainly got an A in that department. And after all the greasys mentioned this weekend, it makes me feel quite inadequate and unhealthy. but I'm sure you dont want to know that.

Big thanks to Brian for organising it. And everyone for being such great company.

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