Saturday, June 3

How to...Chips

Mmm. Chippies. Reduced salt-style. This is really good as a substitute to commercial chips. Love making this. It's quick and easy, and good for using up stale bread. Try it. Even lazy people would manage.

Lebanese Bread Chips

- Tear leb bread into pieces
- Toast in oven/grill/sandwich press until dry and crispy
- In a bowl, spray chips with cooking spray. Add salt, pepper and desired herbs. Toss around (You dont need excessive salt)
- Enjoy

Alternatively, toast and eat with salsa dip. Or even use as with nachoes. Yum.

Something a little more difficult to make is this.
An ice-cream candle. How cool is it? I bought it in Tasmania ages ago, and had thought of Suze straight away. Very clever. Hoped you liked it :)

Scoop of wax anyone?


JJ said...

Shouldn't you be calling that bread of mediterranean origin, just to be on the safe side of PC?

amie said...

nope, I'm set on this. just as there is LEBANESE bread, there's also TURKISH bread, CHINESE broccoli, MONGOLIAN lamb etc etc.
plus I talk of it in a VERY positive light, thank u very much.

JJ said...

Lebanese is perfectly kosher; Leb though is questionable. To build a frame of reference: Japanese is ok but Jap is apparently derogatory, Chinese is a green-light but Chink is red, Filipino is right-on but Flip can be a bit dodge, and so on.

Of course when used between those of the specific race it can be a-ok (N*gger being the prime example of this) whilst if you're on the outside looking in doing so can be a huge slur.

Intent is all good and well, but in this day and age everyone is all about appearances and erring on the side of caution. I mean abbreviation for the sake of brevity is all good and well, just as long as you don't inadvertantly step on any toes.

amie said...

thanks for clearing that up.
now it should be apparent to all, the proper use of words without causing offence. If only this was the same with other offensive words.